Grasshopper Energy CEO, Azeem Qureshi, Elected to Canadian Nuclear Association Board of Directors

TORONTO, Oct. 26, 2020 – Grasshopper Energy is pleased to announce the election of Azeem Qureshi to the new Board of Directors of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) following its annual general meeting on October 22, 2020. Azeem Qureshi is the Founder and CEO of Grasshopper Energy, a leading global sustainable energy company focusing on the development, acquisition and long-term ownership of clean energy assets.

“For the first time in our Board history, the CNA now has a member from the renewable energy sector”, said John Gorman, CNA President and CEO. “Azeem Qureshi’s election to the Board is another indication of the strong partnership opportunities that exist between nuclear and renewables. Azeem’s wealth of experience and strong international network will help us engage key stakeholders as we continue to present the clean energy possibilities that nuclear can provide in Canada, and around the world.”

Canada’s nuclear industry provides clean, affordable and reliable electricity; good quality, high paying jobs; and medical innovations that diagnose diseases, treat illnesses and sterilize medical equipment.

“I want to thank my colleagues at the CNA for their confidence in me. The CNA is a unique, strong and results oriented advocate for firmer public engagement on nuclear energy” said Azeem Qureshi, “Nuclear technology, along with renewable energy, is an important piece of the puzzle as we try to decarbonize our planet to address climate change, the most critical issue that humanity is facing. I look forward to helping promote Canada’s expertise in providing safe, reliable and zero-emissions nuclear electricity production through cutting-edge small modular reactors (SMRs).”

The provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year to advance the development and deployment of SMRs to address climate change, regional energy demand and economic development. 

Mr. Qureshi continued, “With all of its environmental, economic, and strategic benefits, Canada’s already notable position as a leader in nuclear technology can be cemented by being the first country to adopt next generation SMR technology. Premier Doug Ford, the Government of Ontario and other provinces have demonstrated leadership to push forward innovative energy solutions and Grasshopper looks forward to supporting this vision.”

About the Canadian Nuclear Association

Every year in Canada, nuclear technology helps avoid 80 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by displacing fossil fuels and supplies 70 per cent of the global supply of cobalt-60, radioisotopes that are used to treat cancer and sterilize medical equipment, among other things. It generates more than $6 billion in revenue and creates more than 76,000 direct and indirect, well-paying jobs. Canada stands to solidify its leading position in the world’s nuclear industry with the introduction of next-generation technologies in the form of small nuclear reactors.

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) has been the national voice of the Canadian nuclear industry since 1960. Working with our members and all communities of interest, the CNA promotes the industry nationally and internationally, works with governments on policies affecting the sector and endeavours to increase awareness and understanding of the value nuclear technology brings to the environment, economy and daily lives of Canadians.

About Grasshopper Energy

Grasshopper Energy is a global clean energy asset developer and asset owner headquartered in Canada. Founded in 2007 by Azeem M. Qureshi, it currently owns $1.8 billion of assets and has a development pipeline of $6.5 billion in various countries around the world.

Grasshopper has been the recipient of multiple national industry awards including Solar Innovator of the Year, Project Finance Innovator of the Year and Solar Developer of the Year.

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