Grasshopper Energy Supports the West Branch Area Food Bank in Kylertown, Pennsylvania

Kylertown, Pennsylvania, Jan. 7, 2022 – Grasshopper Energy is pleased to support the West Branch Area Food Bank. In addition to providing holiday hams, a portion of the donation will be used to purchase shelving and storage equipment, which will ensure the long-term viability and expansion of the food bank’s vital work. Grasshopper Energy recognizes the importance of social responsibility and is committed to assisting families in need within the areas we operate by providing them with access to healthy and adequate food.

The West Branch Area Food Bank, which is sponsored by Community Action, Inc. has been doing remarkable work to deliver support for the community. The food bank operates in the West Branch School District area and serves about 100-120 families a month with a focus on elderly and children support. The food bank is operated with local donations and offers Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holiday food assistance. Due to COVID-19, the food bank has been operating as a drive-through facility; however, they are in the process of establishing storage at a nearby church and require shelving units.

“We are pleased to contribute to the West Branch Area Food Bank and proud to support the Kylertown community during the holidays.” said Jonathan Persaud, Chief Commercial Officer of Grasshopper Energy. “The Kylertown community has been extremely welcoming to us and our local project, and we look forward to taking an active role in serving the community in the same manner as we do with all of the local communities in which we work.”

“The West Branch Area Food Bank is very happy to partner with Grasshopper Energy in providing holiday meals to those in need in our community. We would not be able to do this and bring joy to these families during the holidays without their support,” said Mary Ann Moriarty, Director of the Food Pantry.

About Grasshopper Energy

Grasshopper Energy is a global Canadian company focused on the development, acquisition, and long-term ownership of clean energy assets. Since its inception in 2007, Grasshopper Energy has become a leading organization in the rapidly expanding clean energy market. The company currently owns $1.8 billion in clean energy assets and has a $6.5 billion global development pipeline. Grasshopper Energy has been the recipient of multiple national industry awards including Solar Innovator of the Year, Project Finance Innovator of the Year and Solar Developer of the Year.

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