We at Grasshopper are passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on energy from fossil fuels. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology to conserve our environment and provide sustainable and clean energy to the world.

Sustainable global economic development requires reliable, cost-effective and quickly scalable energy solutions. Grasshopper is a global company established in 2007 to provide these solutions. We believe that solar energy is now a mainstream, viable technology enabling the move towards a zero-emission energy. We seek to provide high-value add solutions through building on our commitment to innovation to drive the efficiency, quality, and profitability to our project portfolio. At Grasshopper, we put our team, project partners and stakeholders at the center of our focus and treat them with trust, integrity, and respect.


Transform the way we use resources by providing access to sustainable solutions.


To accelerate the development of a sustainable world.


Power of the Individual
We believe in the power of the individual to effect change through innovation and creativity in their work.

Courage to Change
We have the courage to change by listening to and learning from divergent opinions and views that make us better.

Passion for the Environment
We are passionate about the environment and believe every person has a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place.